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Warsztaty z TEORII LICZB

W pierwszej połowie następnego roku Uniwersytet w Arizonie razem z Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry organizuje zdalne warsztaty z teorii liczb dla studentów (w języku angielskim).

Tematyka wygląda naprawdę ciekawie: Termin rejestracji: do 7.12.2020. Poniżej trochę więcej informacji od jednej z organizatorów warsztatów, Aliny Bucur.

On behalf of the organizers of the Arizona Winter School, I am writing
to draw your attention
to the upcoming 2021 Arizona Winter Semester Virtual School on Number
Theory, and to ask for
your help encouraging students to apply to the program.

This online workshop for undergraduates and beginning graduate students
will introduce students to
several fundamental topics in number theory.  Our hope is to expose
students who are enthusiastic
about math but may not know much number theory to new and exciting
mathematics, and to prepare
and encourage them to pursue further studies in this and related areas.

We are especially hoping to attract, and are actively recruiting,
students from underrepresented minority groups.

The 12-week long event will feature 4 speakers giving 6 lectures each,
and will center around
facilitated small group interactions and problem solving.

We are offering students stipends of up to $400 USD to participate in
the 2021 virtual school. For funding, they would need to apply by
December 7, 2020 at

More info about the program can be found at

Zachęcamy do aplikowania!